The ladder of social technographics

Forrester reports don’t usually interest me that much, unless of course I’m looking to stand up a future-tech-trend feature and am looking for semi-credible market projection figures. That’s what analysts are for, right?. But Charlene Li’s recent blog on social technographics stood out. What it does is categorieses different types of users of social media, ranging from bottom-rung ‘inactives’, to top-rung ‘creators’. Sounds a bit like marketing new speak, yeah sure, but take a look at the ladder diagram half way down the page.

But where it gets really interesting is where she shows how deeps down the social media rabiit hole America is. Her research shows that almost half (48%) of all Americans are regular habitual users of social media and that 15% post a blog, at least once a month. That’s a lot. And Europe can’t be too far behind.