At full-tilt

Bitter* GirlsI’ve been a lover of tilt-shift photography ever since my friend Sami Haapavaara took me to see an exhibition in Helsinki that featured some. The New York Times is currently featuring a multimedia tour of work by Vincent Lafuret, who makes some beautiful tilt-shift images in various different US sports arenas (so good it makes you wonder why all sports desks – of picture desks for that matter – don’t regularly make full use of this excellent technique).

Tilt-shift images are usually taken at long distance, but they only focus on a specific point (as opposed to wide-angle images that keep everything in focus and, therefore, lack a lot of depth). What they do, if taken properly, is make the world appear as if it was nothing more than a model village. Tilt-shift images are very real, but somehow not so. There’s a good example here of a street in Brighton.

Still, full-tilt lenses are very expensive which is why some are finding cheap ways to fake it. The best exponents of this style are the bitter* girls, who manage to shrink Tokyo so it looks exactly like a toy town. There work is so good, but i still want a real tilt-shift camera for Christmas.