Room at the top table?

This week’s Best of the Net looks at the handful of European websites, like Dine with the Danes and Meeting the French that offer to place you in the home of local gastronaughts for dinner – in return for a small fee.

Elsewhere, I also had a brief gander at the new lift-sharing site, Is Anyone Going To? I’ve written about ride-sharing before – it’s a kind of internet version of hitchiking – but this new site seems the most professional yet. Ride-sharing is biggish in Germany and the Low Countries. I don’t know if Britons are quite ready for it yet.

But what both of these shooring branches of the internet promote (table-surfing and ride-sharing) is a form of tourism that readily engages with native people and feels easy with sharing a lift with a stranger. I suppose that both experiences offer something deeper than simply flying off on some random plane and eating in a restaurant where you know not a single new soul.