The model global village


Chris Barnes has simulated another tilt-shift image for me. This time he works from a picture I took of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture one sunny, Sunday afternoon in Chicago. Mr Barnes is a tad disappointed with the result, he tells me, principally because the planes of view are quite distinct from one another, creating something of an exaggerated sense of perspective.

As I’ve said recently, the thing about tilt-shift, when it’s done properlly, is that it makes everything look as if it belongs in a model village. Barnes’ vision does something slightly different. The figures in the image above appear like characters from a digital pop-up book (click on the picture for a clearer view of this). The planes of view, exaggerated though they are, remind me of old Disney films, the ones shot on an arrangement of glass plates using the multiplane camera. Like the magic conjured so perfectly in Snow White, the illusion of depth is created by the stacking of the different layers. This shot of Kapoor’s sculpture has a little something of that about it.