So you think you look like Richard Nixon?


Or John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Henry Kissenger, Annie Liebowitz or Mao Zedong? You do? What only just a little bit? No worries, the Warner Brothers make-up department should be able to sort that out. I’m only joking with you but, Warner Brothers is currently casting for historical lookalikes for the forthcoming movie adaptation of Alan Moore’s utterly magnificant Watchmen. I feel as excited as a teenager on a first date: optimistic but full of trepidation. Partly because the intended director, Terry Gilliam has been replaced by by Zack Snyder, who recently gave us the stylistically innovative, but historically inaccurate 400.

Now, I know that this might read like on overly geeky post … but Watchmen is so very good. I love it because it totally explores (even explodes) the idea of the superhero. It evokes Nietzsche’s ubermench, the lyrics of Bob Dylan, the nihilism of Alexander the Great, the existentialism of Jean Paul Satre, all quite casually, while all the time providing a tense, whodunit plot worthy of Raymond Chandler. It’s that great a book. It’s comic-book format, moreover, with its metronomic nine frames per page, lends itself perfectly to the movie format. I hope he doesn’t mess it up.

So if lookalikes are going to play the real people in the movie, who is going to play the main characters? My choice would be Hugo Weaving as Rorschach; Sergi Lopez (the fascist captain from Pan’s Labyrinth) as the Comedian; Johnny Depp should play Dr Manhattan; Daniel Craig would definitely suit Ozymandias and maybe Ewan McGregor as Nite Owl? The toughest one to call is the Silk Spectre. Kiera Knightly, Catherine Zeta Jones? Zhang Ziyi? And who should play her mum? Can’t wait to find out.

You can read an extended post of this (oh go on), with commentary, over at the Guardian Arts blog. Please feel free to wade in to the debate :o)