The Hacienda’s birthday shoes

The 25th anniversary of the opening of the Fac 51 The Hacienda, the nightclub that rocked Manchester for over a decade, has been celebrated with the release of a pair of limited-edition Adidas Trainers.

The shoes were a co-designed by Factory Records graphic designer Peter Saville, former Joy Division and New Order bass player Peter Hook and the designer who built the original club interior, Ben Kelly.

Like the club itself, the trainers are a suitably minimal, with three black stripes interspersed with two yellow ones, which call to mind the stripes of Adidas as well as those that used to furnish the industrial girders that surrounded the Hacienda’s dance floor. At first glance, every Hacienda aficionado should want to own a pair, apart for one obvious reason: they cost £345.

To my mind, this goes against almost everything the Hacienda and Factory Records ever stood for. This is Factory Records we are talking about, the maverick, quasi-Marxist institution who drew inspiration from the Situationist International. On a more prosaic level, the Hacienda spurned the elitism of rival clubs, at least during its acid house years and, above all, was one of the cheapest clubs of its kind to visit.

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