The transport of tomorrow


Personal rapid transit (PRT) is a futuristic form of public transport that is due to arrive at Heathrow Terminal 5 some time next autumn. The pod-like, driverless taxis will ferry people from the car parks to the new Rogers Stirk Harbour + partners building. Advanced Transport Systems, the company building the network, is making impressive claims about how clean and green it all is … although exactly how much difference zero emission vehicles will make between car park and the runway is admittedly moot.

The Guardian’s technology section has published a longish feature of mine which delves into the background of PRT (it’s almost 50 years old)  before discussing how it might – just might –  be woven into the the infrastructure of our cities, where zero-emission vehicles would really start to count. Although the idea was fostered in the US and Sweden, it’s lovely to see a UK technology company get there first.