Free Omar Deghayes


Omar Deghayes has spent over five years in Guantanomo without being charged or facing trial. Deghayes is one of the five remaining British detainees in the US prison camp. After years of stonewalling, the UK government recently agreed to formally request the release and return to the UK the detainees, but they still remain far from home.

According to the Save Omar Campaign “there is no evidence against any Guantanomo Bay detainee in the sense that evidence is normally understood.” Secret evidence, however, has been presented against them, but because its secret neither the detainee are allowed to question it. Even worse, detainees are not even allowed legal representation.

Many believe that Deghayes, who has lived near Brighton for nearly 20 years, is the victim of mistaken identity and despite him going to school in Saltdean, the UK government has tried to wash its hands of athe 37 year old because he is officially a refugee. According to his campaigners, Deghayes has been the victim of torture while in Guantanomo which has caused him to go blind in one eye.

Last year three detainees were found dead in their cells just days before they were due to be released. The campaign is urging people to “add your voice to the campaign to insist that British residents are released without further delay.”