Do we really need Dopplr?


After spending a lot of time inside Facebook this year, the last thing I need is another social networking site. Nevertheless, in the spirit of journalistic endeavour I signed up to Dopplr this afternoon. In principle it is a social networking site for “business” travellers, but in reality it seems to be one suitable to anyone who travels frequently. What it does is allow you to tell your circle of friends and contacts where in the world you are, with a bit of trip planning and crowdsourcing thrown in to make it interesting.

Like Facebook the interface is clear and austere. Finding contacts that are already on the site was simple. Importing them from Gmail and Flickr equally easy. I would have liked to have linked it in with Facebook, but you can’t have everything.  Although its all put together well, you can’t help but think there’s little new here. has been doing much the same thing for backpackers for several years, while many trip planners have launched but none have yet to succeed. Will Dopplr be any different? I dunno. If it can integrate itself with more travel sites and provide more content for those who take the tie to register, it might. Otherwise peole will just stick to the social networks they have already invested hundreds, if not thousands, of hours, and waste time share their travel plans inside them.