The end of the timetable?


It can be bloody cold in Helsinki in January. The last thing you want to do is hang around too long for a bus or tram. Soon you won’t have to,  Because Helsinki City Transport is currently fitting *its entire fleet* with Linux servers. Not only will each bus or tram become a travelling wireless hotspot, but you will be able to see exactly where in the city your next bus actually is.

Meaning that you only step into the bitter cold the minute before it arrives. (its in beta but you can see the effects of the live trial)Moreover, using Near Field Communication embedded in the bus and tram stops that allow you to boot the whole caboodle on your Nokia, without going online or having to imput lots of fiddly Finnish names (try inputting Kalasatama at minus 15 degrees). You can then track the upcoming stops on your mobile and see where exactly are your connecting buses are in the city as well. Its almost as if you can route your way around a city using packet switching I think i’ve seen the future of mass transit. And it doesn’t involve a timetable.