Why the food of Osaka is simply to die for


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The Guardian has finally published my article on food in Osaka, which talks about how Japan’s second city has some of the best food in the whole of the country, if not the best.

Due to constraints of space, some of my details about the wonderful working-class district of Shinsekai was edited down. It included a reference to Alex Kerr’s excellent book Lost Japan, which describes the rough-and-tumble neighbourhood as a “little too dangerous for westerners to travel to alone,” although that was written a few years ago, and certainly didn’t represent my experience when I did. Nowadays,  Shinsekai remains an anachronism in otherwise well-behaved Japan. It is an earthy, direct, unreserved quarter of Osaka that has a surprisingly hip undercurrent, especially around the Tenoji Temple. Not dangerous, just devilishly challenging. I loved it.