Transports of delight

London Holborn Circus buses

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While studying journalism at the old London College of Printing, my senior tutor, Chris Horrie, warned me about writing stories involving buses. In doing so, you were likely to invite criticism from a certain section of your readers who might complain about your article even if there was nothing incorrect about it. And so it proved. My story in the Guardian last week looking at the next generation of London buses provoked cache of abuse letters and emails from disgruntled readers who felt i had ignored innovations on their local route.

Which is fair enough and proves that people actually read your articles. But I was amused by Mr Ian Brierley of Brighton who wrote to ask me if I have ever visited there (Ian I live in Hove) and Mr John Illingworth of Bradford who accused me of being a “metropolitan” journalist (John, I haven’t lived in the capital for years and was raised in Huddersfield, just down the road from you). Space, gentlemen, is the reason why your admirable bus networks didn’t get a mention and the fact that something better and more advanced is available elsewhere. But it’s good to see that you give a fig about the humble bus.