We navigate our whole lives using words … now use your’s to light up St Paul’s


Artist & cultural activitst Martin Firrell makes work using projected text. Previously he has crafted site specific pieces for the likes of the Palace of Westminster, Tate Britain and the Royal Opera House. His next project, The Question Mark Inside, will be a series of projections onto and inside St Paul’s Cathedral, to celebrate its 300th anniversary, in November.  French-born Firrell is inviting people to get involved in the project by adding thier own thoughts on the meaning of life, and the meaning of St Paul’s. The words will then be projected onto the Cathedral Dome, the Ludgate Hill elevation and inside on the wall of the Whispering Gallery.

He says: “Sometimes, the simplest words can sum up the deepest feelings. Words make it possible to share the way we see the world and to discover, perhaps, that we’re really not so different from each other. By adding your words to this project, you can be part of the attempt to describe the great mystery of the question mark that lies inside us all.[via We Made This]