This week’s recommended links

I thought this Saturday’s Guardian was good evidence that the craft of feature writing is alive and well (despite what some of my students think) . I enjoyed Ian Jack’s My silence about the terrorists was only partly cowardice; Emma Brockes’ interview with Mia Farrow on Darfur and the “genocide olympics’; Paddy Barkham’s account of his first ever spliff and Paul Merry’s account of surviving pancreatitis, the latter one of the most vivid first-person accounts I have read in ages / Elsewhere … The New Statesman asks if Britain could supply Europe with green energy? / Columbia Journalism Review: In the pursuit of traffic, we’d do well to think before we post / Slate thinks that listening to election punters is more reliable than listening to electoral pundits / Brave New Traveller: 50 most inspiring travel quotes of all time