Is Rem Koolhaas planning to build a replica of the Death Star off the coast of Dubai?


Is it just me, or is Rem Koolhaas, of the Office of Metorpolitan Architecture, planning to build a  a gargantuan 44-story replica of the Death Star as a centre-piece for his planned city in Dubai? According to the New York Times, the enormous sphere will be part of Koolhaas’s masterplan for his concept of ‘the generic city’, “a sprawling metropolis of repetitive buildings centered on an airport and inhabited by a tribe of global nomads with few local loyalties.”

The building will act as a cornerpiece for a 1.5-billion-square-foot  global city – as dense as Manhattan – built on an artificial island just off Dubai.  The sphere itself, with a telltale circular recess,  is is conceived as a self-contained three-dimensional urban neighborhood. According to the NY Times: “Various public institutions are encased within smaller spheres suspended inside the space that are connected by escalators enclosed in long tubes. These smaller spheres are embedded in layers of residential housing, like embryos floating in a womb.”