The renaissance of West Berlin

Berlin, wrote Alexandra Richie, changes identities like a snake sloughing its skin. So a renaissance in the western half of the city seems only inevitable, after almost two decades of focus on the east. The last few months has seen the re-opening of Hotel Ellington (which served the Bauhaus, Isherwood, jazz age hipsters, then the post-war cronners and GIs and then krautrock renegades Bowie and Iggy Pop before falling into disrepair) … now Gridskipper turns its hyperactive attention towards the long overlooked forgotton wards of the west. It reads: “lifeboats of literati are once again dropping anchor in Wilmersdorf’s sleepy harbor. Their return has inspired a fresh wave of mouthwatering eateries and breathed new life into the old standards.”

The New York Times agrees: It recently wrote: “Partly as a backlash against the over-hyped East, West Berlin’s glamour is slowly returning, in the form of new galleries and revitalized Bowie-era restaurants and hotels.”