Bring you best friend back from the dead. Prices start at $100,000

The first commercial cloned dog looks like it’s just turned up at the door and is scratching like hell to be let in. On Wednesday BioArts International, a US company, let loose its Best Friends Again pet cloning service and began auctioning the opportunity, if we can call it that, to clone five pet dogs in return for cash. It accepts bids from $100,000.

It’s not the first attempt to make a buck from bringing dear old Muffin back from the dead. The first commercially-cloned pet has earlier been announced. An American woman has asked Korean scientists to clone her current pooch: a pit-bull terrier.

My instinctive liberal “dog-whistle” response is this: is it right to clone domestic animals when loads of them go to the knackers yard every day? Although there’s some scope , I suppose, for protecting endangered species and perhaps cloning working animals, like dogs for the blind. The cloning of domesitc animals seems somehow out the whole spirit of raising an animal for a pet. Can you ever love Muffin2 or Luigi6 as you did the original?

And can you really replicate old Muffin?  And more to the point would you want to? The whole environment that created him is already lost to time. Most people know the old adage that a dog takes on the characteristics of its owner and its a good environment that fosters something, well, beautiful between an owner and their pet. Recreate the environment and you can recreate a similar relationship.