Mike Davis: the Gulf’s vast wealth has been cut off from its rightful owners

Mike Davis, author of the entirely precient City of Quartz, is back. His new essay. Living on the Ice Shelf: Humanity’s Meltdown makes a devastating critique of global climate change policy. Davis singles out the “supercharged” Gulf States, such as Dubai, as laying the heaviest carbon footprint on the planet, even though the wealth it has generated is patently failing to trickle down. He predicts trouble ahead (via).

“And what if growing environmental and social turbulence, instead of galvanizing heroic innovation and international cooperation, simply drive elite publics into even more frenzied attempts to wall themselves off from the rest of humanity? Global mitigation, in this unexplored but not improbable scenario, would be tacitly abandoned (as, to some extent, it already has been) in favor of accelerated investment in selective adaptation for Earth’s first-class passengers. We’re talking here of the prospect of creating green and gated oases of permanent affluence on an otherwise stricken planet.”

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