Picnic 08: AllofMe allows you to archive and arrange your personal social history

Have been tuning into the webcast of this year’s Picnic Conference in Amsterdam. The stand-out presentation, for me at least, was by Addy Feuerstein who pitched his new All of Me web application.

What AllofMe allows you to do is “aggregate and manage personal digital assets”, which means that you can essentially archive your various histories from different social networks and arrange them in a convenient timeline. From what you could see in the presentation, the application looked a bit much like the Nokia Lifeblog. But where All of Me could succeed – and Nokia hasn’t really – is that it pulls personal data (the aforementioned “digital assets”) from networks you already belong to, rather than the handfull selected by Nokia. As our membership to these networks mature, we will naturally want some place to arrange and archive them and I can see something like AllofMe being very popular.