Things I have learnt or loved of late #2

I learnt that screenwriter Travis Wright is working on a script for Bladerunner 2, although you must wonder what would be the point when the Blade Runner aesthetic remains the default vision of the future (as shown in this recent BMW commercial, left) / I’ve been enjoying Andy Beckett’s return to Guardian G2. His article on Tory thinktank Policy Exchange was the standout newspaper feature of last week / I also welcome the return of The Economist Technology Quarterly: The meek shall inherit the web argues that, in the future, most internet users will come from the developing world / Back in the post-industrial west, banking may be in crisis, and branches closing, but Crea International in Milan has introduced the concept for CheBanca!. Perhaps, futurism never dies, it just moves to Italy / This Space reviews the Sony ebook reader. In summary: It might work, because it is like a book. If the content is good. It is hard to put down / The Institute of Contemporary Arts is finally free / That effectively every person in the USA has “borrowed” $4000 from a person in China. The Atlantic’s James Fallows on how the trade deficit between China and America works.