Things I have learnt or loved of late #3

Tokyo’s *Bitter Girls excel at tilt-shift photography. The image (left) is not of a scale-model of the Musée d’Orsay, but an actual image of the Musée d’Orsay. They have, however, outdone even this fine image with their recently produced tilt-shift movie of a busy highway-intersection, presumably in Tokyo. It’s like a toytown Tokyo or the biggest model rail set you could imagine. And it’s beautiful too.

Charles Leadbeater tries to tell Spectator readers that we need a more modest form of capitalism. Yeah, right. / Elsewhere, I am concerned that China plans to take photographs all internet cafe customers, is this another link in its golden shield? / But I welcome the UK government’s plans to cut carbon emmission by 80% by 2050 /

The New York Times swings by Brighton ; no longer louche or seedy it proclaims. Although its 36-Hours itinerary of Pier, Pavilion and 16th century public houses is, frankly, uninspired / The New York Times last visited in 1988 where it saw the town, as it was then, as princely and compared the Pavillion to Kublai Khan’s pleasure dome /