Printing yesterday’s news, no matter how historic, won’t attract tomorrow’s readers


I awoke this morning to find that every national newspaper, save the Star which led on Coronation street, had led with the “news” that Obama had won. Except that by then it was news to nobody. I wonder how relevant it is for newspaper readers to be fed such leads now that the paper is fourth to the story (after the net, radio and TV)? Doubtless a few will save their “commemorative issues”, nothing wrong with that, but how many new readers does such an approach attract, moreover, how many young people are likely to pick up a newspaper from the rack? Far better to try and lead with some analysis (which is what newspapers are best at) or some genuine news about Obama.

Newspapers famously reacted brilliantly when they were replaced by television as the primary source of first-to-the-story news. Faced with declining sales, particularly among the young, they need to reinvent themselves again. Splashing yesterday’s news, no matter how historic, isn’t the way to do it.