Things I have learnt or loved of late #4

fish_market_301108_021I’d love to go see the new Beşiktaş fish market (via architecture NMP). Makes we want to be back in Istanbul. I’ve never been in the winter. | A nice Flickr stream of the old market | I am finally Wireless: Five seasons of The Wire in as many weeks and now a big hole to fill. Here next? | Or straight into David Simon’s Generation Kill? On the BBC this January | Arundhati Roy on why the Mumbai attacks were not India’s 9/11. She remains a great loss to the novel. | I really like the look of Booooooom! Art, design, film and music all expressed with verve. | I’ve also taken a hankering to the haunting, melancholic vocals of Emily Jane White’s Wild Tigers I Have Known | And Sarah Slean’s sassy little ditties