Bookmarks for December 21

MySociety the internet’s victory over the government over the disclosure of MPs expenses
Great stuff. A lightning campaign that needed just 7000 souls to force an about-turn. “Make no mistake. This is new, and it reflects the fact that the Internet generation expects information to be made available, and they expect to be able to make up their own minds, not be spoon fed the views of others.”

+ Duncan Campbell gets fed up with baseball metaphors.

+ Céline Clanet has just spent several months in Máze, up to the north of the Arctic Circle, in Norway. Her photographic essay of the Sami people is both beautiful and revealing. Like Martin Parr in snowboots.

+ The New Yorker on the long demise of the newspaper. It’s not what you think. They trace the long history of the rag’s doom to 1765. BTW, I had never realised that 16th Venetians sold news for a coin called a gazzetta. Hence the name.

+ Observer stays over for breakfast in Ghent. Great piece, but why no mention of Mokabon?

+ Robo-wars. Bots heading for the battlefield.

+ Apparantly so many Indian workers are leaving Dubai. That 4000 cars and trucks have been left in the car park of Dubai International airport. Most with the keys in the ignition.