Carol Vorderman: New Tory maths advisor and former peddler of ‘debt trap’ loans

David Cameron has invited Carol Voderman (right) to help formulate a future maths strategy for the Tories, according to this morning’s Guardian.

For 10 years Carol Vorderman was also the public face of FirstPlus, a debt consolidation company and seller of loans to people already in hock. Last year an advertisement featuring her was criticised by charities. Credit Action said that an offer on one of the company’s secured loans acted like a “debt trap” that encouraged people to get into levels of unmanageable debt.

It has always been difficult to work out why such a brilliant and beautiful woman lowered herself to selling such dodgy perfectly legal loans to people already in lot of financial difficulty. It was not like she needed the money. At the time she was widely reported to be the best paid female TV presenter in Britain. Some say she was on as much as £900,000 a year from presenting Countdown alone.

Surely – with a reported IQ of 154 – she had done the maths. And worked out that the high rate of interest charged by FirstPlus would ultimately lead to further financial ruin for many of its customers. Indeed many of them are now facing bankruptcy and repossession.