Bookmarks for February 03

The 21st century has finally begun, says Bruce Sterling’s alter-ego, Bruno Argento

“After 1989 we enjoyed a strange interregnum where “history ended.” Everyone ran up a credit-card bill at the global supermarket. The adventure ended badly, in crisis. Still, let us be of good heart. In cold fact, a financial crisis is one of the kindest and mildest sorts of crisis a civilization can have. Compared to typical … catastrophes like wars, epidemics, earthquakes, volcanoes, endemic political collapse — a financial crisis is a problem for schoolchildren.”

+ Lord Foster to be stripped of his peerage.
Starchitect to lose out after moving to Switzerland. Maybe he’s the first victim of the new 21st century.

+ Padraig Reidy: the Wikipedia editing debate highlights a retreat from web utopia.

+ Older net users give the younger generation a run for their money.

+ More from the London at Night series.
The Boston Globe continues its wonderful pictures of nocturnal London