Bookmarks for March 02


I don’t think I’ve ever linked to the Daily Mail before, I almost feel like promising never to do so again. But credit where credit’s due. Suzanne Moore citing the wonderful Joni Mitchell (above) in her reasoned defence of our civil liberties was so incredibly well put that I couldn’t stop myself. .

+ MI5 deny Eric Hobsbawm the right to see his file, even though the erudite Marxist-historian is 91.

+ David Blunkett’s back and warning against a surveillance society. Hark at pot, as they say up North, but he’s a welcome convert to the libertarian cause.

+ The New York Times is launches on the Kindle e-book reader. The “future of journalism” looks like it has the graphic power and functionality of a CD-Rom from 1992.

+ Whatever happened to … the protagonists in the Miner’s Strike most, ahem, arresting image.