Billy Bragg: musicians need to sing from the same setlist

Billy Bragg
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Billy Bragg and Dave Rowntree (from Blur) will help launch the Featured Artists Coalition in London tomorrow (March 11).

Responding to Google’s decision to remove music videos from YouTube after an argument over fees with the Performance Rights Society (which represents the rights of artists), the pair wrote a joint call-to-arms over at the Guardian’s Comment is Free blog. They wrote:

“Whether we like it or not, the old business model is broken and the decline in sales … has not been helped by the determination of the big labels to protect themselves at the expense of both artists and fans. Record shops have disappeared from our high streets and the big labels may go the same way, passing into the hands of asset strippers whose only interest is the bottom line. Yet, there is still clearly an audience out there for good music, and plenty of young musicians hoping to find them.”

This is why we need to find our voice now – to ensure that the next generation of artists are able to earn a living in the new digital music industry that is busy being born.”

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