Katharine Ainger: the time is now for anti-capitalism

J18 hydrant party

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Interesting piece on the 10th anniversary of the anti-capitalist movement by author Katharine Ainger on today’s Comment is Free. How times catch up with you. I was at the original J18 “Carnival Against Capitalism” (right) in June 1999. It was one of my first assignments for The Guardian. Although, alas, the original seems to have been removed or lost from the database. Anyway Ainger states that in the face of a recession, the arguments of the anti-capitalists, far from being marginalised, are actually move valid than ever. She writes:

“The movement, which was essentially demanding democratic control over the global economy, wreathed summit after summit of the G8, the WTO and the World Bank with protest and teargas. It was wild, infuriating, diverse and sometimes incoherent, as only a network that encompasses indigenous peoples, radical environmentalists, workers and kids in hoodies could be. The movement was like the child in the crowd as the emperor of global neoliberalism wheeled by, pointing out that his cloaks were woven from financial fictions and economic voodoo.”