New York City, colour-coded by race

Eric Fischer maps US cities by colour-coding them according to US census data. In the image below – one pixel represents 25 people – orange is hispanic, red is white; blue is black and green is asian. First thing you notice is how polarised it all is. Uptown Manhattan sticks out like a pair of sore fingers: almost exclusively caucasian on both sides of Central Park. But see how this contrasts starkly with the cluster around Chinatown (green circle at the bottom of the island), or the long, blue plume of Harlem, itself separated by the hispanic enclave of Spanish Harlem, represented on the map as an oblong of orange.

Schmit has charted many US cities: the map of Detroit is even more revealing. The full Flickr set here. You wonder how a similar map of London might compare. Would it show the sprinkle of hundreds and thousands that we often associate with the old Smoke? The London Profiler is the closest I could find but as a web-based app it’s a little clunky to provide a definative answer.