It is nice to come home and find new thi…

It is nice to come home and find new things to admire among the old. So stumbling across Gerry’s at Neaverson’s the other night was a nice  surprise. Neaverson’s used to be the upmarket purveyor of porcelain, all mantelpiece figurines and ornamental dogs, but like most posh china shops, it recently closed and I worried a little what would become of the place. It always had this fantastic window display and a wood-panelled art deco interior that was a fine example of old Huddersfield.

So a nice surprise was to discover that somebody very bright had turned it into a vintage tea rooms. Double so that the original features had been kept in place, as had something of the name. But the real suprise for me was that the eponymous Gerry was my old friend Gerrard John.

He’s made a splendid job of it. Old china, eclectic set of furniture, Bob Dylan on the stereo and lots of locally sourced food and drink, including Ben Shaw’s pop. Good table service, handwritten bills, lots of charm. It’s a very relaxing space, a world away from the standing-in-line paper cup rush of the Cafe Nero down the way.