Really interested to see the Guardian’s…

Really interested to see the Guardian’s updated graphic of total UK government spending by department. Infographics as inspired as this really help you understand the scale of government spending and how difficult it is to make cuts. What stood out for me is the detail of health spending (below), as it’s often said, by quite ignorant people (Daily Mail’s usual rubbish here), that the NHS has almost as many managers as it does doctors. You don’t have to look very closely to see that this is utter bollocks. Of the £115.85bn spent on health last year, only 1.48bn was spent on central department admin – the small, orange coloured circle in the middle of the graphic – or just over 1%. If the NHS was an animal, you’d describe it as one with a small central nervous system in ratio to its size.

True the NHS also employs managerial and admin staff (or “pen pushers” as the Mail delights in denigrating them) at its hospitals and trusts but even conservative (small c) estimates put that figure well below 10%.