Have been reading Gaz7etta this morning….

Have been reading Gaz7etta this morning. It’s basically a bloke’s version of Grazia. Same publisher, ame layout, same typefaces, same mix of the frivolous and semi-serious stories. It’s respectable in a way that Nuts is not. I don’t especially mind it. It’s just a bit too lightweight for my tastes. There was one well written feature about the history of Saatchi & Saatchi and then a potentially quite interesting story about Boris’s chances of winning re-election as London Mayor. That was where it went wrong for me. It turned out to be a story about a possible infidelity and news that he’s moved out of the family home. So what. I couldn’t give two figs that he has. Neither do I want pap shots of Daniel Craig leaving the Apple Store. This kind of chaff is precisely what wrong with most women’s magazines. Men don’t need it, really. It will probably sell in its hundreds of thousands, mind.