Journalisted: keeping track of what the paper’s are writing about

I’ve long been impressed by Journalisted, a website that helps you keep tabs on the best (and worst) of Fleet Street. Not only does it email you once a day with links to your favourite journalists latest article, in effect like a newspaper personalised to your tastes, it has also begun to track and analyse the national press as a whole. The weekly analysis is invaluable. It offers a league table to coverage on politicians (David Cameron is top with 560 articles last week, Osbourne 153 and Turncoat Clegg 138) it also compares coverage between different types stories. For example:

Nutritionist Gillian McKeith on TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, 67 articles vs. Britons Paul and Rachel Chandler freed after being held for 13 months by Somali pirates, 50 articles.

X Factor contestant Wagner Carrilho, 44 articles vs. flooding in Cornwall, 42 article

We are often told that the UK press is too trivial. It is. But this sort of data shows that there is plenty of life left in the Fourth Estate. But compared to the actual coverage David Cameron still outranks Wagner Carrilho by a factor of 10.