A brilliant example of TV journalism on last night’s Newsnight (YouTube links below). The feature included an item on how big corporations avoid – perfectly legally – paying billions in tax. There was also a splendid piece of documentary that looked into the work of UK Uncut, a group of latter day situationist activists, targeting Vodafone, who it is said owe the exchequer the kingly sum of six billion.

Later in the piece I was particularly impressed with Tony Smith of UK Uncut who withstood a rhetorical broadside from Jeremy Paxman with such a cool, considered articulation of his argument – the corporations are behaving in a way that is morally wrong – that you felt that he’d been sat there for years. Such high-mindedness from one so young is a quite charming thing to behold.

Incidentally, if you listen carefully you also get to hear Paxman “do a Naughtie”.

YouTube (part one) (part two).