I am an admirer of the i newspaper…

I am an admirer of the i newspaper, the compact version of the Independent, not least because it is proving to be something of a “gateway” paper for some of the students of journalism at Leeds Met. It’s a lovely little package, full of good news, some interesting features and a passable sports section.

What I don’t like is the new television advert for the paper which features comedian Dom Joly boasting that the paper has “none of that celebrity nonsense”. What tosh. Not only does the advert feature Joly and Jemima Khan (two celebs) the paper features a regular page, Caught & Social, featuring nothing but, er, celebrity nonsense. Today’s page (left) features Sylvester Stallone, Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson and Rod Stewart. A page of nonsense that Hello! would be proud to print.