I was saddened this afternoon to learn of the death of Derek Brown, the former Guardian correspondent. I worked with Derek when I was a humble uploader at the original Guardian website, Derek had been seconded from the foreign desk, a bit beached I think, but he was clearly the most experienced journalist they had there. He used to beguile us with tales of his time in India of Afghanistan or some other far-flung place, as we processed the following day’s paper onto the internet on the night shift. What was so nice about working with Derek was that he always took you seriously in that generous way of his. We once had a lovely debate in the Coach and Horses about the nature of anarchism. He flattered me by saying I had taught him something.

Hopefully there will be a proper obit published soon to link to. Although Simon Hoggart, who knew him so much more then me, wrote affectionately of Derek in his diary today.