The Guardian published dear old Derek Brown’s obituary. You can read the whole of it here

Derek Brown was (and will always remain in the memory of those who knew him) a brilliant journalist. Brilliant in Northern Ireland at the depth of the Troubles: brilliant in Jerusalem and Delhi: a brilliant observer and writer about politics from Westminster and Brussels: and, back at the Guardian ranch, a brilliantly efficient, companionable figure on the news desk. Maybe, in a way, he was so brilliant at everything, that he kept being shuffled from job to job, rather than admired for what he was where he was. It wasn’t just his courage that made him so wonderful in Belfast: it was his judgment (even for a reporter in his 20s). It wasn’t just his daring in the heat of the Middle East that made him so terrific there: it was the way both sides respected him, because they knew he was his own man, the straightest of arrows.