Let me get this straight, just so I’ve got it right in my head. Rupert Murdoch gets to *keep* the same share holding – exactly – in Sky News as he currently enjoys, but gets to take control of the rest of BSkyB? And this will allow one foreign-owned company to be twice as big as the BBC.

In return Jeremy Hunt has managed to elicit the concession that one of Murdoch’s own family won’t be chair of the Sky News. And this is meant to protect media plurality and by extension our democracy.

Jeremy Warner, Torygraph:

So Rupert Murdoch has got his way – again. Not for the first time, the politicians have bent over backwards to accommodate News Corporation’s commercial ambitions. Not for the first time, all other voices have been roundly excluded from any say in the grubby little bargain that Britain’s most powerful media tycoon has managed to strike with a government apparently so desperate for the great man’s blessing that it’s willing to bend the rules to smooth his path.