How to tell if you child is spending too much time in the camera

As many of you know, I have a 15 month old daughter. Since she was born we have taken thousands of pictures of her and a great deal of video. So from about three months old she got used to seeing herself on screen. Now she loves it, snatching the camera out of our hands as soon as the shot is taken. She loves looking at herself in this way and we enjoy the moment.

But lately I have begun to wonder. What effect will it have on children if they grow up so used to seeing themselves in this way? We already live in a very narcissistic society and I am sure my partner (goodness I dislike calling Anna that) and I are not alone is showering our child with these images. So, my question is really about her generation. What effect will heavy exposure to their own image have on my daughter’s generation? Does the attention we give her with the camera teach her to be vain or is the camera just a high-tech mirror? I don’t know. But would like to hear from someone who might.