New record casts the Light on Joy Division classics

Peter Hook’s new band The Light release their debut EP in early May featuring Rowetta (of Happy Mondays fame) on lead vocals and a back-catalogue of Joy Division songs to revisit. The EP, on Hacienda Records features Atmosphere, Insight and New Dawn Fades (all sung by Rowetta) plus Pictures in my Mind, with Hooky on vocals, which was an unfinished Joy Division song recently unearthed.

Doubtless the purists will be outraged that Hook is choosing to cover the work of his former band. My view is that if anyone is going to write the gospel it ought to be one of the disciples.

The cover (above) is by local digital artist James Chadderton. It shows the view of Whitworth Street West in Manchester. The building in the middle ground is the Hacienda, which of course has already been knocked down.

Here’s Hooky talking about the project on 6Music