How nice is this? The Folio Society has just published Travels with Herodotus by the great Ryszard Kapuściński. It looks beautiful, three-quarter bound in stiff linen cloth and HAS GOT SOME OF HIS PHOTOS IN. Forward by Margaret Atwood to boot. I want one. I want one.

During a brief period of political ‘thaw’ in Poland following Stalin’s death in 1953, a young reporter named Ryszard Kapuściński dreamed of being allowed to leave the country – not to go as far as Paris or London, but simply to cross the border. A year after he confessed his desire to his editor, the terrified Kapuściński was sent to India. He knew almost nothing about life in other countries; his only frame of reference was his copy of Herodotus’ The Histories. He returned overwhelmed by the experience, embarrassed by his ignorance, but determined to see the world.