New blog post: Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

To the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester yesterday with my two wonderful girls. We had a lovely walk through the university district with plenty of young people graduating as we passed by. The Whitworth was nice,my first visit, we ate in the cafe (I had salt beef sandwich, Anna a lovely looking plate of penne and peas) and again Bella was very well behaved. The exhibition, a celebration of West African art, was fine, nothing terribly arresting, although some quite interesting photography, but there was one space on the first floor (above), where the extension met the back of the old red-brick building, that really impressed me. The old building, the windows, the frames, the weather-beaten exterior, forming one wall of a otherwise “white cube” space. It was blissfully left alone, only a couple of works on the wall, and made an exhibition of the building itself. Very handsome and well worth the trek across town.