The current state of investigative journalism in the UK

Say what you like about George Entwistle’s pay off (and I think the poor bugger should keep the money), the child abuse scandal at Newsnight — which brought down the director general of the BBC comes at a rotten time for investigative journalism. The local press continues to decline, losing readers and the inclination to conduct proper investigative journalism beyond Freedom of Information requests. Lord Leveson is due to report back next week, and we can all expect some limits placed on the printed press. And now the BBC tearing itself arpart in a way that somehow reminds of Dali’s Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War), right. If, as commentators, such as Steve Hewlett have suggested, investigations get permanantly frozen out from Newsnight, and The World at One and the Today programme, at the BBC, one of the few institutions to be able to conduct proper investigative journalism in this country will be weakened quite dangerously. It is very worrying